2022 EPAS Reaffirmation Training

2022 EPAS Reaffirmation Training

2022 EPAS Reaffirmation Training

CSWE's Department of Social Work Accreditation (DOSWA) is pleased to offer this 2022 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) reaffirmation accreditation training for social work educators. 

Purpose | This training prepares accredited baccalaureate and master’s social work programs for reaffirmation and continuous compliance under the 2022 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS).

Objectives | This training will enable programs to:

  1. Understand and navigate accreditation processes.
  2. Learn and apply the 2022 EPAS within the program’s unique context.
  3. Understand fundamentals of scheduling and hosting a site visit. 
  4. Gain awareness of and encourage engagement with CSWE accreditation services.
  5. Promote confidence in the reaffirmation process for continuous improvement.

This hybrid training model consists of two components:

  1. Self-paced online learning modules via the CSWE Learning Academy 
  2. Live drop-in question and answer (Q&A) sessions via Zoom

Online modules are designed to provide resources and guidance for each step in the reaffirmation process and continuous compliance between reviews. Live Q&A sessions provide interactive spaces for multiple programs to ask questions, learn from each other, and consult with CSWE accreditation staff.

To maximize your learning and the program's success achieving its accreditation goals, programs are encouraged to engage in all components of this hybrid training and our year-round accreditation services

Additional modules and Q&A sessions will be added as they become available. Check back often for new content!

How to Navigate this Training Course

  • To maximize your learning, we advise you to complete the full course by reviewing each tab consecutively from left to right, beginning with this "Course Overview" tab followed by the "Reaffirmation Timetables & Fees" tab. 
  • As you review each tab, you are encouraged to attend live Q&A sessions to assist your learning process. Review the "Live Q&A Sessions" for dates, times, and access information. 
  • Once you've completed all tabs, you are welcome to revisit the video modules, step-by-step tabs, and attend live Q&A sessions as you navigate your program's reaffirmation process and engage in continuous compliance efforts. 
  • We empower each learner to complete the pre/posttest to help the CSWE accreditation staff understand the training strengths and needs of our learners. We also ask that each learner complete a training evaluation so that we can continue to enhance training, services, and resources. These feedback opportunities are found in the "Video Modules & Evaluations" tab. Thank you for your invaluable feedback! 

Consultation Services

During and between reaffirmation cycles, program primary contacts may email questions to their their program's CSWE accreditation specialist. They may also book phone or video consultations via a scheduling application located in each specialist’s email signature. Learn more about CSWE accreditation services.

Accreditation consultations and presentations are also provided at CSWE's Annual Program Meeting (APM) and communicated to program primary contacts in advance of the conference. 

Are you a primary contact and unsure who is your program's accreditation specialist? Email accreditation@cswe.org. Primary contacts are identified in the Directory of Accredited Programs


CSWE accreditation staff provide topical webinars featuring accreditation information, resources, and helpful tips, as well as to respond to questions about the selected topic. 

Additional webinars are posted on the CSWE accreditation training webpage and communicated to program primary contacts as they become available. 

Past Accreditation Slide Decks

Past accreditation slide decks and recordings are posted on the CSWE accreditation training webpage. Topics include: 

  • Accreditation Services Orientation
  • Demystifying the Accreditation Process
  • Writing an Accreditation Document
  • Navigating Accreditation-Related Program Changes
  • 2015 EPAS: Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
  • 2015 EPAS: Frequently-Cited Standards

Additional slide decks are posted on the CSWE accreditation training webpage as they become available. 

CSWE Membership

While not a function of accreditation, CSWE encourages all who teach, work, and learn at a candidate or accredited social work education program to link to their program's CSWE membership! This is a great way to keep your educational community connected to CSWE and remain current on both compliance matters and best practices in social work education. 

Programs are encouraged to complete this training course, engage in accreditation services, and utilize all resources available to achieve its accreditation goals. We look forward to collaborating with you! 


This 2022 EPAS reaffirmation training is at no additional cost. 

This training model allows unlimited access to both online self-paced learning modules and live drop-in Q&A sessions for social work educators. 

Questions? Email accreditation@cswe.org.


Step 1: Click the green "Register" button in the upper-right corner and complete the no-cost registration. 
Step 2: After you are registered, visit the "Live Q&A Sessions" tab and register for as many or as few drop-in consultations as desired. 

How do I login to the CSWE Learning Academy?

To register for the 2022 EPAS Reaffirmation Training, you must be a CSWE member and have a CSWE Learning Academy account and login credentials. Remember, CSWE program membership now extends to all who teach, work, and learn at a candidate or accredited social work education programs!

Current Members/Users

If you are already a CSWE member and have an existing CSWE Learning Academy account and login credentials, login to the CSWE Learning Academy

Need to check if you are a member? Visit the CSWE membership website.

Need to check if you have CSWE Learning Academy login credentials or reset your password? Visit the CSWE Learning Academy website. 

New Members/Users

Complete the following steps: 

  1. Visit the CSWE membership website to become a member and link yourself to your social work education program.
    1. Tip! Use the same email address and password to create both your membership and CSWE Learning Academy accounts. These are separate accounts and you will complete account set-up steps for each. 
  2. Visit the CSWE Learning Academy and click the "Create Account" button.
    1. Complete all prompts to create a new account.
    2. When creating a new account or updating your profile, a prompt will ask you to indicate if you are "Member" or "Non-member." Select "Member." 
  3. Login to the CSWE Learning Academy with the same email address and the password used to create your new account.

Questions about registration? Email accreditation@cswe.org.

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